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A kitten with a crooked neck got a dream mistress

Against all odds, the crooked-necked kitten got what he wanted – the house of his dreams.

On the street in Massachusetts, they picked up an injured red baby and brought it to the veterinary clinic. The kitten, attacked by another animal, had a wound on its back and did not straighten its neck.

fortitude and yearned for affection. He needed special care to recover. Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, volunteered to pick him up. “We have a lot of experience with head trauma cases. At the age of four weeks, he weighed only 225 g,” says Tara.

A kitten named Murphy felt Surprisingly well, considering everything that happened. He was friendly, looking for love and began to purr loudly whenever he was picked up.

“His head is constantly tilted, but his eyes are clear and his eyesight seems to be fine.”

Tara began to syringe feed him on schedule , for which she even carried with her to work at night. The kitten received as much care and attention as needed, and even more.

From the very beginning, Murphy was distinguished by his love of love. He begged for pens and wanted to be carried around wrapped in a towel. From everyone he met, he sought love and eagerly absorbed it.

The striped boy began to grow stronger and gain weight. His wound healed, he became more active and was able to move more confidently.

Being so tiny, Murphy had a strong will to live. Having found balance, he began to show himself as a person.

“He is smart, with a wonderful character. He purrs all the time, loves to be picked up and hugged,” says Tara.

Kitten revealed his mischief, became inquisitive and playful like never before. He has a heroic appetite, as a result of which he grows by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps a slight tilt of his head will remain with him for the rest of his life, but this will not prevent him from doing everything the same as anyone another cat, and love life.

In the veterinary clinic, Murphy was a star. He charms everyone he meets.

Veterinarian Edina came to meet the cute minke whale and immediately fell in love. The kitten snuggled close to her and rubbed herself with a charming purr.

He curled up in her arms with such contentment, as if he had finally found the place where he needed to be. Edina was delighted.

“She didn't really intend to have a cat, but he just stole her heart, I think. He is special, eccentric and glorious. You can’t help but love him if you met him, ”says Tara.

After a full recovery, Murphy, now renamed Mr. Bean, moved home to the family of his dreams, and now he is a handsome young cat.

Mr. Bean loves his new abode – he loves his big shark bed and feels like a king. At home, he is best taken care of by an affectionate mother-mistress, who hurries to satisfy every single one of his needs.

The striped boy has grown noticeably since the day he was adopted. But he is still the same loving sissy, who always has little attention and communication from everyone around.

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