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A dozen animals that constantly test the nerves of the owners

Everything in the world is imperfect, this statement also applies to the behavior of the inhabitants of the planet. Living beings rarely behave well.

Most of them are a source of chaos, the volume of which is proportional to abilities.

He climbed onto my railroad, which I have been building for a long time!

There is still no good photo.

Visiting a friend.

They are constantly competing to see who can beg for a piece.

He is not under the table, but sits at it, like all people.

An unknown person entered the dwelling, did some deeds and disappeared.

My cat needs a whole roll of toilet paper.

Stop pouring water, learn to save. Finish it and let's go for a walk.

Finally I won! It's not a real plant, anyway.

Climbed onto the door and does not get off. Fluffy climber!

Do you know how difficult it is to clean a greasy pan from cat hair?

All hygiene procedures are carried out under his vigilant attention

Source: duck.show

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