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9 cats who were caught off guard – they did not have time to disguise

Cats have long been considered accomplices of magicians and sorcerers, they are even credited with participating in many rituals …

This is no accident: the cats look like they know and see more than we do, and they also bend at different angles, can walk on walls and much more.

And at the same time, they manage to maintain a reputation as innocent lumps of cuteness, but we know …

Deadly rays from the eyes (past the TV is better for now do not go)

I'll lie here quietly and wait for you to put the guinea pig back, and I'm right there

Best use of sports equipment

How about a scary bedtime story

Well, how can you not believe in the supernatural if the cat sits like this while no one does not see?

Water Caster

The cat goes into the portal

In order not to call the exorcist every time, let him just not leave

Connection to laptop seems to be established

Source: bezkota.ru

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