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12 photos of an eagle parrot – Count Dracula from the world of birds, whose appearance inspires awe and admiration

Meet an amazing bird from Papua New Guinea – an eagle parrot. This is a very rare species with a unique color – photographs with them absolutely do not need an artificial increase in brightness or juiciness.

The power of an eagle and bright beauty parrots make this the only representative of the genus of bristle-headed parrots a real decoration of nature.

The second name of this beautiful and slightly frightening bird is the Dracula parrot. If you have never heard or seen about her, then the photos will not disappoint you. This is really a wonderful marvel!

This is an eagle parrot, a bird species from Papua New Guinea

Their second name is the Dracula parrot

It's not hard to guess why: their plumage is a triumph of gothic and style

Eagle beak and claws, red-black color and half a meter length make the bird a little frightening

But eagle parrots don't drink anyone's blood – they prefer tropical fruits and berries

They live in mountains and tropical forests at a decent altitude above sea level: from 1000 to 2300 meters

One of their features is a leisurely flight. They seem to savor their being in the air

Eagle parrots fly most often alone, rarely in pairs and very rarely in flocks

The eagle parrot is generally a very rare species. The reason for this is the human interest in birds

There are about 20 thousand pairs of such beauties

Life expectancy of “counts” is up to 40 years

Hopefully, the situation will change and the number of these majestic birds will only increase

After all, eagle parrots are a real natural gift!

Source: twizz.ru

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