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18 Works by a Japanese Photographer Who Shoots Street Cats in Such a Way That Their Charisma Is Transmitted Even Through the Screen

If someone thinks that only pure pedigreed cats can look good in photographs, then this is absolutely not the case. And this idea is perfectly proved by the work of Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki.

the charisma of these tailed hooligans and robbers.

See for yourself!

Oh, what a scratching post!



Sanya, are you okay?

Street fight


There seems to be a glitch in the matrix here. By the way, we have a separate post on this topic, which contains completely different situations that hint that we can live in a simulation.

Car theft

When the working week is ahead, and you are already

Grey Gang

Sinister Maw

Sweet Dreams

Pipe tail

Fights without rules

Fish of my dreams

Their authority was enormous

Into the hole !


Flying cat

Cats often look like absolute cuties, but sometimes they forget about it, and real evil wakes up in them. We have a selection with such photos.

Source: twizz.ru

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