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16 photos showing that the work of a veterinarian is not only very important, but also extremely funny and exciting

Admit it, which of us disciplinedly goes to the doctor for regular check-ups and at the same time still experiences exceptionally positive emotions?

We think there are few such people. What can we say about pets – no one asks them at all, but they just immediately bring them to the medical office. Fortunately, the everyday life of veterinarians is filled not only with funny attempts of animals to hide, but also with other fascinating moments.

Traditional game « Find a cat”

No, no, no one's here

Again he will say that it is time for me to go on a diet …

My dog's face when he realized we were at the vet

My dog's face when he realized that we came to the vet

But to my dog I really liked the doctor

True, he still doesn't know what she's going to do with him!

I allow you to examine only my mustache

All the time I looked at this cat from advertising. Licked him twice

Today my husband took the cat to the vet…

This dog went even further – he works in the reception

The veterinarian couldn't calm down my colleague's cat. Solution found

My veterinarian friend had enough free time to decorate the dressing of the patient

That's how you come home, and your dog is nowhere to be found, because he is a brave fight against crime!

Our the veterinarian takes great photos for medical cards

Yes, he is still trying to hide from the doctor

I fell asleep right at the reception!

The doctors know that my dog is a good boy, so they put a cap on him and sent me a photo

Good that the owners care so responsibly about the health of their pets, because what could be more important!

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