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15 pets whose reaction to their own tricks touched their owners so much that they immediately forgave them everything in the world

In addition to the fun and joy that our pets give us, they often arrange various tricks in the form of torn wallpaper or chewed furniture.

Of course, these pussies cannot justify themselves for what they have done, so they use various reactions: someone immediately begins to build a guilty muzzle, and someone hopes that everything will go away with him paws, if he behaves as if nothing had happened.

But no matter how these pussies behave, the response of their owners will be tenderness and forgiveness for any misconduct !

This is my favorite cookie, but for such a face he is forgiven

Tore the toy and lies in the hope that he will not be noticed

The TV was good

Caught red-handed

When you have to make excuses, and you haven’t even managed to complete your plan yet.


Who ate a whole pack of meat treats?

This is not what you thought

Sorry about the ball

Ellie didn't seem to expect me to notice how she clings to my pants

I don’t know what yet, but these two obviously did something

Now the owner will have to inspect the apartment rut to find out where his pets messed up.

He is ashamed to look at me

I ran to the sound of my drums and found this frightened, guilty muzzle

Well, how not to forgive him?

Nervous laugh

George decided that repotting the flowers would be a great idea

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