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16 funny photos of sphinxes that look like real aliens in the bodies of cats

There is a breed of cats that some love and others hate. And now we are talking about sphinxes. The sight of these bald cats with an abundance of wrinkles, big ears and bottomless eyes leaves no one indifferent. They seem to have flown to us from some other planet.

We have compiled for you a selection of their cute and funny photos.

Tongue and feet

Bath time

When you want more sweets

Informal cat

What planet are you from?

When you're not a big sweater fan

Inviting Battery

This is Fish (Sphinx) and Kosha.

Charming wrinkles

Black Sphinx

Horror flying on the wings of the night

Not only sphinxes can look strange and funny. We have a whole selection of pictures of cats that seem to be broken.

Look at this gentleman

This is a speck on the face

Eyes to drown in

Hunt for hand


Little Alien

What do you think about sphinxes?

Source: twizz.ru

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