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11 London-based Photographers Show How Cats Look Like Humans

Sometimes animals look and behave in such a way that there is no doubt that in a past life they were people.

This is especially true for beloved pets that share the same space with a person, get used to the regularity of home life and adapt to the nature of their owners.

The theory of the similarity of a person and domestic Photographer Gerrard Getings fell in love with pets so much that he devoted a whole photo project to her.

The author paired cats and people with similar energy and demonstrated their incredible similarity. And we invite you to make sure of this!

Photoproject “Do You Look Like Your Cat” (Do You Look Like Your Cat?)

In fact, the people in the photographs are not the owners of the caudates, but act as models matched to the seals. But the result is so accurate and beautiful that you don’t pay attention to such trifles at all. People with great pleasure agreed to take part in the project

Matthew and Hubert (Abyssinian)

Mariel and Jacques (silver maine -kun)

A London photographer has already created a similar project in 2018, but about the similarity of people and dogs. Strong features, such as long hair or large beards, made the resemblance more pronounced, and therefore the work with cats became more complex and detailed. In the “Do You Look Like Your Cat” project, more attention is paid to the character traits and habits of the characters in the picture.

Tobias and Hero (moggy)

Saying “you look like a cat” is easier than saying “you look like a French Bulldog”. People are flattered by the comparison with cats – the author of the project Gerrard Gettings jokes.

Arlo and Buttercup (Persian cream kitten)

Nancy and Button (Scottish Fold)

Dominik and Merlin (blue striped Maine Coon)

According to Gerrard, photographing cats is a real challenge, as they are very proud animals. The photographer shot each of his cat models in a familiar home environment for tailed cats. It took him a lot of strength and patience to win over the furry heroes of the project. Often this was achieved only with the help of sweets and toys.

Gunther and Albert )

Elizabeth and Angelica (kao-mani)

One walrus mustache for two is the favorite shot of the author of the project

Gerrard has more amazing pet shots on Instagram. Treat yourself to his amazing work.

Source: twizz.ru

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