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15 touching shots that prove that pets are always ready to help and be around

We used to think of pets as touching creatures that constantly need our care.

But in fact, pets themselves know how to show sympathy, love and support no worse than people.

They are ready for any a moment to come to the rescue of adults, children and your fellows, check if everything is fine, protect and stay close.

take an example!

I cut my finger . But with such an assistant – it's nothing

When Riley helps with the laundry, not a single sock is lost

Our dog is sure that being a nanny is his destiny

I guarded this deer all day until my mother returned for him

Couldn't find it for a long time suitable remedy for migraine

With the advent of the cat, I now always know what to do.

We adopted a dog from a shelter, and at such moments I understand that it was the best solution

Everyone should have such a friend

Went with me for all classes and seminars. The most educated dog!

Mom's dentist's waiting room has a dog and a cat that calm the patients

I saw a stray cat in our area and decided to take it to me

In the evening it turned out that the cat has a brother who was looking for him all day and found him. Well, there was no choice!

Our dog got sick and the cat was there all the time

When my dog heard me cry after a hard day at work, she brought me her favorite toy

Reassure each other before going to the vet

Our dog pretends that he does not notice the new kitten, but does not move himself, so as not to disturb the cat's sleep

My dog thanked the doctor who cares about her health

When they told you to be alone and calm down, but your best friend doesn't want to leave you

Not stop admiring the love and devotion of pets!

Source: twizz.ru

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