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15 Times People Realized They Lost Their Space The Moment They Got a Pet

The surest way to deprive yourself of privacy is to get a pet. In any case, this is exactly what the owners of the tailed ones from our today's selection think, because their pets cannot leave their owner for a minute and follow them everywhere!

Today we have collected for you 15 pictures of pets, who are ready to follow their owner into fire, water, and even the toilet.

My morning starts with coffee and these two friends

Someone tell my dog Lucy about the importance of personal boundaries

This is Gus, and the word “solitude” means nothing to him

He is more than comfortable, I have no doubt

Winston loves to fall asleep with me, and I I like to be alone with myself, but who asks me

These two know nothing about personal space

Although people can’t help but notice how pets cross their personal boundaries, they they love their tailed buddies too much to try to somehow resist this.

children, do not know anything about solitude

My parrot is a big fan of attracting attention

Personal space? Never heard of this

No respect for the right to be alone

How to never be alone? You just need to get yourself a pet

Of course, it's my fault that I didn't wake up early to take my chair

Homemade pets often enjoy the love of their owners, and therefore allow themselves to do whatever they please!

It is difficult to defend your right to personal space when your cat has already decided that you are his pillow

Who needs to be alone or breathe?

Chaos is literally ready to crawl into my mouth

Oh, come on, this is your personal space!

Here are 15 more funny cases when cats showed shameless impudence and invaded the personal space of their owners.

Source: twizz.ru

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