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15 Proofs Cats Are Dominating the Internet Again

Interests of the audience are constantly changing and many would like to become new idols, set a popular trend. Some even succeed.

But in the end everything returns to true values, among which the main one is cats!

Well, where are you going to get away from us?

Plz don't leave me again!

Don't you dare post this on social media!

I'm here! Hey! I'm here!

Dominate while you can !

Be patient, man, while the kitten rest please

They know how to attract attention

Cats always sleep like this that people are jealous

Too want to shake?

Majestic spectacle

The best player hide and seek, no doubt

What kind of parody is this?

Here! Here's how to do it, humans!

Square cat. Have you seen this?

That's it, I'm tired of you

And nothing can be done about it, cats are too important a part of our lives for us to distance ourselves from them.

Source: lemurov.net

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