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15 funny cases when people met the cutest tailed fellow travelers in transport

The travel experience depends on many factors, and one of them is who you travel with. Sometimes you are lucky with them, and time flies unnoticed, sometimes not so much, and then you want to forget about the trip.

But today we will show such fellow travelers with whom any trip immediately becomes much more fun, nicer and more enjoyable. After all, they are animals!

1. I met this friendly face on the train

2. This guy on the train kept looking at me

3. Puppy's first flight

four. Met a new friend on the train

5. The kitten loves to travel

6. Today I saw a cool girl on the train

7. Elegant madam

This little kitty had her own seat during the 3 hour train ride I was on in Spain! She sat so beautifully all this time.

eight. Have you seen penguins on the plane? And my dad flew with him

9. This is Athena

It's her first train ride, she's a little scared, but she's acting brave as hell.

ten. Sat next to this happy little guy on the plane

eleven. The red-haired insolent fell apart into two seats

12. I sat in an empty seat on the plane and the flight attendant said that I can sit, but be aware that these seats are reserved for a large dog

Yes, I am ready to pay extra to fly with a dog every time !

13. My friend saw this handsome guy on the subway

fourteen. Just got home from a flight with this cutie in the seat next to me

fifteen. Best In-Flight Unexpected Passenger

Do you remember one of the most famous four-legged travelers – the fat cat Victor? After all, he not only flies with the owner on an airplane, but also changes the rules for transporting animals!

Source: twizz.ru

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