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15 photos of the most beautiful and funny British women

Happiness in the house is measured in cats! This is exactly what the happy owners of these plush British Shorthair cats can tell you.

so we have prepared for you the sweetest selection.

Winter Huntress

Kiss the paw!

Who is next in line?

These roses are for me…

Yin and Yang

To the watering hole!

Poke? Where?


Well, when is lunch already there?

I didn't swallow the plate! Just hid…

When you eat a lot of citrus fruits…

He stole your slipper!

We are not cats, we are owls …

How many times I said – do not climb into the pipe!

When both white and milk chocolate are in one bar!

We hope you are now full of desire to get a British cat!

But do not forget that there are many outbreds on the streets but no less cute kittens waiting for your love…

Source: popularnoe.net

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