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15 funny photos that show how pets look like people sometimes

Pets spend so much time with their beloved owners that they gradually become like people themselves with all their habits, bright facial expressions and manners.

Just like people, dogs and cats diligently pose for family photos, like to cover themselves with blankets and go to cafes, and even when they don’t do anything special, they still subtly look like a typical person.

For example, at such moments.

Father is tired after a day with children

Daddy's dog is the best travel companion

My cat loves to lie down with an interesting book

Standard photo of a woman who became a mother

Any magazine would be happy with such models

And one more typical family photo

that for the photo you need to hug tightly and smile.

What you are watching? Did you see something strange?

My parents' dog can wink much better than me

When you are preparing for an exam and suddenly you realize that it is already tomorrow

Our cat always sits by the window like she is behind the bar

Pets love comfort too

We do not allow the dog to climb on the sofa, so he pulled the pillow and blanket to the floor.

My dog keeps me company at the coffee shop

When you endlessly refresh the page and wait for an answer

Without instruments, but with its place of honor behind table

Sit down, we are waiting for a serious conversation

Have you noticed anything similar with your pets?

Source: twizz .ru

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