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15 photos of animals that have only recently been born, and are already ready to conquer the hearts of people

It seems that any animal on the planet carries a huge charge of cuteness, and even cubs turn out to be even dozens of times cuter than adults.

After all, all this volume of charm is distributed over a much smaller body mass.

That is why puppies, kittens and kids hit the very heart of everyone around them within a radius of a couple of meters.

And even the most callous person!

1. Owl chick

2. Squirrel mom and her baby

3. Small but so fluffy donkey

four. A baby otter that was just born

5. The baby of this moose can only be stroked with the eyes

6 . Cobras can be cute too

7. Elephant that one day will become big

eight. What do newborn hedgehogs look like

Hedgehogs are something that people rarely manage to see. Here we have collected 15 more cases where people shared unusual and interesting finds that they managed to catch on camera.

9. The turtle decided to look at the world outside the shell

ten. The future king of beasts

eleven. No, on the right is not a withered twig, but a newborn alpaca

12. Full palm of puppy happiness

13. Koala and her baby

fourteen. Newborn baby goat

fifteen. The softness of the rabbit can be felt even from the photo

People are not happy only baby animals, but also adult animals. After all, sometimes their antics turn out to be the best entertainment for the owners.

Source: twizz.ru

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