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15 adorable foxes that suddenly appeared in people's lives and climbed into their very heart

One of the main characters of Russian fairy tales, the face of the extremely annoying song “What does the fox say?”, well, just a cute animal – the fox easily wins people's hearts with her cuteness and redness.

These animals will move dogs and cats with one movement of the tail and take first place in the ranking of the most-most animals – just look at their charming photos !

one. There you are!

This is a fox named Pudding – she was once rescued and sent to recover in the reserve. As a result, the fox fell so in love with the employees, and they fell in love with her, that the animal was not released into the wild, but left to live in the reserve.

2. “A fox who looks like a computer game hero got to the local veterinarian”

3. “I saw a fox who decided to lie in our backyard”

In the comments, the author was advised to be more careful:

Oh shit, she realized that people have furniture. My parents' beagle also found out about this and since then spends 90% of the time on the couch.

four. Dogs and foxes can also be friends

5 . Red Team

6. “A family of foxes lives in the bushes near our house. Their mom is a real spy “

7. “A fox came to my grandmother's house and decided to say hello”

eight. The kids decided to play catch-up right in the yard

9. Shhh, don't wake him up!

ten. Thought it was a flower? Caught, it's a fox!

eleven. Foxes are ready to sleep everywhere

Look at the cutest fox that sleeps right on the stump in my parents' yard.

12. The fox decided that the roof is the best place to sleep

13. “I found a fox who decided to take a nap in my yard”

fourteen. “Someone seems to like my Christmas decorations”

fifteen. “The fox planted last year has grown well”

Well, after these pictures, did you find a place in your heart for these red-haired charms?

Source: twizz.ru

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