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15 Pets Who Are Too Lazy To Walk On Their Fours And Prefer To Be Literally Carried By People

While some owners get tired of the playfulness and restlessness of their pets, others do not know what to think of to somehow stir up their sleepy pets.

And all because some cats and dogs have become so lazy that they have acquired a hilarious habit of moving around only with the help of their owner.

These sly ones do not want to walk on their fours at all and come up with various tricks so that their beloved owners literally carry them in their arms!

And these fluffies know that it is almost impossible to refuse them.

Most of all, my cat likes to climb into my hood and roam together

but asks for his carrying bag

When you are no longer I want to walk and pa forced to carry you on the handles

He loves his a basket that always demands to carry it around the house in it

Do you see that questioning look?

Blu loves to walk like this

This is how my mother walks with our puppy

This lazy person is quite satisfied with this option of walking.

How cool it is to ask for a long walk with dad, and then not to move so that he had to take me in his arms

Victory smile but on the muzzle.

Jumps into a bucket and keeps an eye on us until we start carrying it around the house

Someone requires me to walk only this way and nothing else

She is so fond of sitting in a kangaroo bag that she already refuses to walk on their four

He loves the most when I carry him around in my grocery bag

I got him a separate bag that he jumps into as soon as I get home and meows until I start to carry him around the apartment.

I'm ready to walk, carry me

I'm just getting started, and Colleen is already jumping into my bag

One of our cats likes to climb into a soda box so we can wander around with her a little

This is life!

Well how can you say no to these adorable sloths?

Source: twizz.ru

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