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15 funny shots that sometimes pets have to try very hard to understand the world of people

For caring owners, many devices and special applications have already been invented that will help understand pets without words.

But it seems that cats and dogs would also benefit from something like that to figure out what is going on in people's heads!

Every day, pets have to deal with incomprehensible things , so they obviously have a lot of questions for their owners.

What can people surprise animals with? Let's watch!

My friend snored. The puppy is trying to find where the sound is coming from

My cat just found out What is a pillowcase

I am unable to explain to my dog that I can’t just take it and stop the winter

Cat still can't understand why we wash it

Why watch the match when you can watch me?

It can be difficult for pets to explain why they need different things

I don’t know why you need these papers, but now you are definitely running with me!

The cat does not understand why there is nothing on the table for him to eat

How do dogs react to my explanations

Leo looks puzzled. He decided to watch me brush my teeth

Dogs heard children sing for the first time…

The principle of operation of gadgets for pets is also not easy to explain

Now I live very far from home, I called my mother and said “hello” to our dog. He immediately ran to wait for me at the gate.

Every time I leave, the cat doesn't understand why she can't come with me

My older dog does not share my opinion about the new puppy

You will never understand all this human furniture

I bought a simulator for a cat. The cat still has a lot to realize

Okay wash, but why wash?!

And although we have so many differences with pets, this does not in the least prevent us from appreciating each other!

Source: twizz.ru

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