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15 funny photos of huge dogs, which in their imagination remained touching puppies


In the eyes of loving owners, pets, even in adulthood, remain the same touching babies as they were in the first weeks of their lives. However, often the pets themselves do not change at all in their imagination!

themselves as little puppies.

Let's look at their childhood habits, which now cause not only tenderness, but also laughter!

Wake up, master! Is it difficult for you to get up?

When you still remember how you were worn in a warm blouse

He could have reached table, just standing on the floor…

Still loves to be picked up! Although it is now 20 times more difficult to do this

Who said that only little ones like swings?

Now it takes up so much space that two more adults could sit here.

It's good when a friend's couch fits you perfectly in size

Me and my one-year-old puppy…

Once upon a time, the son was bigger than our dog

Baby chair? Just right!

The face of my dog, when she realized that she no longer fits so well on her mother's knees

Mom is happy with everything, because for moms we always remain babies!

It seems that someone is very strongly reduced my seat

My husband and I were just sitting on the floor and talking, when suddenly

I feel very comfortable! And you?

I feel like a waffle cone with a giant scoop of ice cream

This is not a big dog, this mistress is too small

Well, everything is logical – the amount of tenderness and love in such dogs is proportional to their size!

Source: twizz.ru

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