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15 Cats Who Can't Stand Your Kisses

Cats are affectionate creatures, but everything has a limit. We don’t like that animals drink and eat anything, and then they lick our nose, but at the same time, few people think that a cat can have similar claims.

Like “Stop, I know what you did with that mouth, don't you dare touch me!”. Stop kissing who is told!

Here's how to explain to her what is not?

Let me go, monster!

Caught and kissed

Not. no.

This is the payment for comfort

Be patient. Just be patient, kitty.


Here it is! Now he will start kissing!

Nothing, I will have my revenge!

She is obedient to me, understands everything the first time

She feeds me – I'll have to endure

It's not funny anymore!

Oh, and the life of a cat is hard

Don't give up!

We got these unscheduled tenderness

I'm a cat. This is my destiny.

Do your pet cats love to kiss or do they evade this duty in every possible way?

Source: lemurov.net

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