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15 Cases When Nature Showed People Something Incredible


Mother Nature takes care of us, orphans and narrow-minded, and she has many ways to do this.

WE love the wonders she throws at us, and we'll show them to you too!

View from Shizuoka, Japan

This is a fur coat! What colors!

The moon is similar to Saturn

The Elusive Andean Cat

Owl hatched a duck egg

The capybara has a lot of friends

Lynx mother with kitten

Future leader of the pride

Cosmic Shades

A tree with an incredible craving for life

The most photogenic leopard in the world

Colorful mandarin duck

The rarest Patagonian agates

Nordic bunny-balls

A 12-million-year-old mantis in a piece of amber

Beautiful! And all this is on our planet, about which we still know so little.

Source: lemurov. net

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