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15 cases when, due to quarantine, the owners cut their dogs themselves – and their clients did not like the new hairstyles

Due to the coronavirus, not only some human hairdressers are closed, but also many grooming salons. If people can tie their hair, then such a trick will not work with animals – so the owners have to take scissors and cars in their hands.

The results of such a home beauty salon can be predicted immediately – and if you fail, then photos of dissatisfied customers will gladly tell about it.

one. “Trevor didn't like his new hairstyle”

2. “I look like a chinchilla”

3. This look speaks for itself

four. “COVID-19 Haircut”

5. “I was the first to cut my own dog. It turned out exactly as one might expect ”

6. Some dogs look just like people in the barber's chair with their new and not the best haircut

A neighbor sent me a photo of his dog, which he cut himself at home due to quarantine. We already have unexpected victims of the coronavirus.

7. “The first time I cut my dog because of the quarantine. How did I manage?”

eight. “The first and last time I cut my dog myself”

9. “Portrait of a dog who plans revenge for a home haircut”

ten. Some dogs clearly no longer trust people with their fur

eleven. “My dad turned our dog into a lion”

12. The dog of actor Chris Evans was also unlucky

I convinced him that I knew what I was doing. He was skeptical at first, but a few treats helped persuade him. Everything went wrong very quickly. I think some things are best left to the professionals. (He hasn't seen himself in the mirror yet. I told him he looks great.)

13. It is clear that the owners want the best – but they succeed as always

fourteen. Some dogs themselves are shocked by their new appearance

fifteen. “Quarantine haircuts 2020: mohawk and lion”

If earlier it seemed that cutting your pet yourself is a great idea, now think about it, can you live with a dissatisfied client in the same house?

Source: twizz.ru

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