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10 photos of huge domestic cats that cause fear

Some cats are so large that they immediately attract everyone's attention. We picked up ten photos of such cats. Look at them and feel awe.

1. This Maine Coon can be safely classified as one of the largest representatives of the cat family. It can become a worthy rival to tigers, cheetahs and lions.

2. This cute cat is not that big, it's just a fur coat.

3. This cat is about the size of a lion. Only the color is different.

four. Luxurious handsome man!

5. This big guy's name is Samson. This name suits him very well!

6. The cat is growing too fast. Soon the owner's stomach will not be enough for him.

7. Martin and Zach. In terms of height, these two differ quite a bit.

eight. The cat does not fit on the legs of the hostess. Isn't it, the dimensions are impressive?

9. The girl can hardly hold this impressive boy.

ten. Gorgeous, fluffy and just really big.

Have you seen such huge cats in real life?

Source: duck.show

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