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13 signs your cat is in love with you

In this incredibly educational article, you will learn how your domestic cat shows love. Here you can read about the top thirteen signs that your cat is crazy about you. There is an opinion among the people that cats are not devoted to one owner and generally love only the person who feeds them.

But after reading this article, you will learn that this is not at all the case and that cats also know how and can love a person.

The cat misses you when you are not around, and meets you at home

The cat happily runs out to meet you every evening when you come home from work. If you have been gone for a long time, he will not leave you alone and will meow loudly if you try to leave. It means that he missed you terribly and now does not want to let go anywhere.

He follows you everywhere, wants to be as close as possible

He gets under your feet, sits on your shoulder and always jumps on your hands , is it worth it to just sit down? The cat requires care, love and attention from you, wants to be as close as possible to you. And even closer. And one more thing.

A completely understandable gesture of love – the cat loves to hug you and does it at every opportunity.

He looks at you lovingly

This view can be understood without words. In general, cats maintain eye contact only with those they trust.

Squints when he looks at you

This is very important for a cat: he squints, showing that he trusts you. And that he fucking likes you.

He loves your clothes very much

When cats sleep not on cat litter or in an armchair, but on a freshly ironed blouse, it is terribly annoying. But it's so cute! In fact, cats sleep on your things because they can smell you there. And where you are, the cat feels safe.

Wants to get into your bedroom

And it's not just that the cat doesn't want to be alone. Often, when there are two cats in the house, only one of them rushes to the bed to the owner. This means that the cat wants to always be near you.

Brings gifts

Someone brings mice and birds, and someone turns out to be more inventive. In any case, if the cat brought you a gift, this is true love.

Licks you

So you are considered a member of the cat family. And not just that you are dirty and need to be washed urgently.

And then it bites

This is from an overabundance of feelings.

Jealous of the laptop

Many cats, for example, are jealous of the computer. Or to people, or to other animals. In general, to everything that you pay attention to instead of a cat.

He likes to lie on you

So he feels warm and safe. And he also knows for sure that everything is all right with you.

He “talks” to you. And murmurs. Especially purrs

Cats do not meow when they communicate with each other. They learn how to speak to communicate with you.

Source: popularnoe.net

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