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11 amazing poses in which a cat can easily fall asleep

Many of us are simply amazed at the incredible flexibility of the bodies of yogis, as well as their amazing ability to sit for a long time in a variety of uncomfortable, and often even in incredible positions!

However, you only know how many yogis are very jealous of ordinary cats. These animals by nature were endowed not only with the ability, but also with a great desire to bend in different ways. And all this is just to sleep.

The cat seems to be posing for some artist.

Is the owner repeating after his cat or vice versa?

I also put a pillow, the cat really knows a lot about comfortable sleep.

He's used to it so long ago!

This is how the general quadrature of a cat is determined today .

He is sleeping, but the service is still on.

He is definitely dreaming of something good.

When he had fun and had fun all night, and in the morning he fell into bed.

Describe this pose is very false, but the camera is always with you.

Trust me, she is so cozy and comfortable.

He settled down perfectly, whatever you say

Source: duck.show

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