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10 Funniest Times Cats Learned to Take Selfies

Where our whole life is exactly the opposite. For example, if we have pets here and consider them to be our smaller brothers, then in a parallel world, animals are at the head, and they already turn us on …

Today we decided to show you what cats would look like if they suddenly learned how to use a smartphone and, of course, started taking selfies.

This is a very epic sight , don't miss it!

So, look at the funny cases when cats learned to take selfies. Somewhere in a parallel universe…

“Hello everyone!”

Serious guys…


When I woke up at 6 am…

Severe cat, even the neighbor's dog obeys him!

Insta-cat who maintains his blog

Takes a selfie for beloved Murka

What does the cat do while the owner is not at home…

When I found out what a selfie is

Playful cat

Source: popularnoe. net

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