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Winnie the Cocker Spaniel Puppy Looks Like a Disney Princess Dog

We found her. The world has a new idol. She exists! The legendary dog princess whose coming is described in legends and prophecies.

The name of the heroine is modest, Winnie, but no one has any doubts about her exclusivity, one has only to look into the eyes of this wonderful creature!

Vinnie and her bewitching gaze

Winnie's owners, Tom and Ellie, said that even before the birth of the puppy, they had something like a sign that she would become great. People conscientiously treated their mission as guardians of the princess and literally from the first days they began to keep photo and video chronicles of Winnie's adventures. As a result, the world very quickly found out about the unusual puppy and likes fell like a waterfall.

The puppy is a puppy and she has puppyish interests

How many can boast that at the age of 3 months they already had 180,000 subscribers and 2,300,000 likes on TikTok? But for Vinnie, everything is just beginning. She even received the unofficial nickname “petfluencer”, from “pet” (pet) – “pet” and “influencer” (influencer) – “an influential person in social networks.” And what, it’s quite healthy.

Many people seriously compare Winnie with Disney characters, which have been created for more than half a century as reference images of the kindest and sweetest creatures. That is, they are more like fairy tale characters than real people or animals. Particular attention is paid to emotions and look, and Winnie has the most “puppy” in the world!

Source: lemurov.net

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