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When they look at you like that, know that this is true love!

It is very difficult for many to find their soul mate, because people are too isolated personalities, they have many requests and claims just to live.

Whether it's the little animals who need only a full bowl, a warm bed and endless trust. And then they completely trust the person in return, which is very eloquently indicated by their look!

Month ago she adopted a dog from a shelter and here is the result

sincerely in love with her. Well, or he wants to bite by the ear.

How can you doubt in the sincerity of their intentions?

Wombat never homemade animal, but loves to sleep on the handles

And sometimes just snuggle up to the master's leg

Trust a stranger not so easy!

More it is not known which of them is more happy

Does it make sense to buy a sign “Caution! Angry dog! ”, If the dog is like this?

Such behavior is also a sign of trust and love

10 minutes after signing the documents at the shelter

More! Man, some more affection!

She is the whole world for him!

He is so cute waking up

This look cannot be confused with anything! Happy are those who are looked at like that!

Source: lemurov.net

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