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What could be sweeter than the owner's bed? 15 photos of blissful pets

How cute it is when a cat or a dog lies next to you on the bed, puts his head on the pillow … And then he takes away the blanket from you and generally takes the whole place for himself.

While the beloved owner is away – sleeping on his bed

What is not a person?

And where to lie down?

The cat lover cannot afford to flop on bed without looking, no

Uffi waits every morning for the owner's daughter to leave for school to…

Good morning baby

I arbitrarily took a seat and grins, just look

Dog lover's morning

The owner left his dog to his parents for a few days. The next morning after the first night, dad overslept, thinking that mom was still in bed

Evening ritual for 9 years now. Happiness

In a minute and a half I managed to steal a place, and even fall asleep soundly

And you still ask who is the boss in the house?

And again the person goes to sleep on the sofa

The owner forgot to leave the heating on, but the cat solved this problem for himself

Got up, made (neatly) the bed went to shower. I returned to this roll

Another jealous thing doesn't like it when its owner hugs a girl on the bed. While driving the girl away by barking, the dog, however, does not mind being photographed

Source: bezkota.ru

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