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Two dogs were thrown, but they did not move away from each other. They made an exception at the shelter.


Dogs love people, and they often betray them. And also dog friendship is strong. A dog is that very friend who will not betray, even if you betrayed him.

In the story that we have described, just such a case. It is impossible to look at these two dogs without emotion and warmth.

These are two beautiful girls who were simply abandoned by their owners after the appearance of children. to be together that they could not part. He was together all the time, slept together and experienced all the hardships of life.

As for the staff of the shelter, they could not pass by such a case. And they decided to help the dogs keep their friendship. As a result, they decided to give the dogs only together. Fortunately, they soon found a new loving family, and now the dogs live a happy full life with loving people.

Source: duck.show



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