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Touch and fall in love – 15 photos of cats and dogs whose charisma rushes through the screen

We have prepared for you a selection of kind, nice photos of cats and dogs – but not just cute, but with a chip!

While watching, your mood is guaranteed to rise, and you will want to drag some shots to your collection.

Henry is one year old

17-year-old handsome

Grow up, kitty, big and healthy

Are you done yet?

In anticipation of delicious treats

What a plump

Cats are love

Cats are love

My toy, and I will sleep with it

Bread is so cute

We have known each other for many years, but only recently became friends

Sail, my boat

Reminiscent of the intro from the TV series “Friends”

Well, how can you refuse such a thing?

Yes, I smile, I smile

Source: bezkota.ru

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