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These ten people will gladly serve as a pillow and blanket for their pets.

Still, it is a great happiness to sleep in an embrace with someone who is crazy about you. True, sometimes it gets bold.

For example, puts unwashed paws right into your mouth!…

What? Oh, nuda – we are talking about our pets, woolen and tailed, who share our own bed with us.

one. Mono become best friends in a very short time.

2. That's what they know how to get comfortable!

3. Imitating the hostess, she will cover herself with a blanket.

four. These two make the husband jealous of them when he leaves for work early.

5. It is a sin to break such an idyll!

6. Are they uncomfortable? Well, yes! Would they sleep so sweetly!

7. The paw can hang down – the main thing is that you are in an embrace with the owner.

eight. Not only did the cat accept the new boyfriend of his mistress, but now she is jealous of the guy!

9. Hugs are loved not only by kittens, but also by goats.

ten. Former shelter dog learned to sleep next to his owner, completely trusting her.

Source: duck.show

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