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These 12 hefty cats look like they turned people on, not the other way around!

Admire these domestic cats? The expansion of the mustache is under two meters. They beat with their tails so that they sweep dishes off the table! from below. And their powerful carcasses can be used as weights in the gym.

• The cat is the second child. Didn't you know?

• 12 kg of fluffy beauty

• Meet Lebowski. THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

• I'm not fat, I have fluffy bones!

• A cat for those who dreamed of a pet tiger.

• The site of the shelter was down because of those who wanted to take this handsome man.

• Cataaaaaaaaaa!

• What kind of pillow is it? I am a cat!

• Big cat – big eyes.

• A new concept in physics and physiology: fluffy bone.

• There is never too much of a good cat!

• Feeling her fourth chin, she became thoughtful.

Source: duck.show

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