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The most dramatic cat faces – you can’t play this on purpose, but they can. 15 photos


If cats were nominated for Oscars, the list of human-actors-who-don't-have-an-Oscars would be much, much longer. Perhaps people would not get anything at all.

Because – well, how to compete with them, with charismatic fluffies, just look at them.

Convincing, damn it!

Doctor, am I having a boy? You mean six?

For some reason, the cat makes such a sad face in response to the sound of its name. Does he remind her of something?

Well, what, what can be surprised, standing almost in the air, and even so stable?

“Great joke, now sweep the floor,” says the kitten

What was it?!

Hopelessness (he won’t get off himself)

New furniture was bought into the house. Cat:

The owner shifted the cat from his knees to the sofa, and already repented a hundred times

I am terrified!

Stop, removed

Such an impression can be produced by the sound of a sneeze

Simba is sunbathing on the balcony and just yells to get back into the house. Every day

Well, open the two-f-e-er (new blockbuster – “Frozen”)

I was just relaxing!

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