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The kittens were picked up in an alley. Mom refused them, and someone else's domestic cat accepted

The cat took three kittens under his wing and began to take care of the babies, who were not needed by anyone.

Three weeks ago, a brood of six kittens was found in an alley in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were delivered in a box to IndyHumane animal rights activists.

Volunteers were determined to provide the kittens with overexposure and a chance for a better future. Three were taken home by Jennifer and three more by Penny.

Mishka, one of Jennifer's cats, is of great help to all adopted kittens brought home by her mistress. He himself first came to Jennifer as the same pupil more than a year ago, and remained so.

The new adoptees (Fletcher, Olive and Mara) got out of the carrier and began to explore the new abode and found a lot of good food, as well as an assortment of toys.

“The kittens were scared at first, but quickly got used to it. From the very beginning they were very playful, curious and loved all the new toys,” says Jennifer.

“It was felt that they missed their mother a lot, so I gave them a soft heating pad as a consolation with a heartbeat effect. “

Fletcher soon fell in love with napping on his foster mother's lap.

Mishka heard the squeak of newcomers from the nursery. His ears perked up, and he began to count the days until the official acquaintance.

When the kittens were checked at the veterinarian, Mishka got the green light to meet his little friends. They sniffed in greeting through the panels of the arena.

“At first, the kittens were not inflamed with enthusiasm for Mishka, they even hissed and raised their fur on end. However, they were still curious, and they caught his every move, looking from inside the playpen. Very soon, the trinity realized: Bear is not their enemy.

When the cat licked their little muzzles, the kittens trembled with pleasure and stretched some more. “He groomed their fur the way their mother once did, which had a calming effect,” says Jennifer.

Watch Mishka and his pupils in the video:

“Now they all purr pretty when he's around, asking to hug them and wash them.”

As soon as Mishka enters the room, the kittens run up to him and fawn. And they also carefully watch him in the game, adopting cat skills.

Papa Bear gives the kids love and attention.

Cute cat is in seventh heaven with happiness when he is surrounded by kittens.

“Mishka is a very careless guy with a light disposition. He knows what's what, because he himself was once an adopted child. He is really very good with the pupils, with everyone with whom he has interacted so far, ”says Jennifer.

“He has a consolidated cat brother named Body, who washes him a lot, but never lets Mishka repay the favor, so I think he especially appreciates the fact that the kittens accept his love! ”

All three babies are multi-toed and very characteristic .

“They have an extra toe on each foot, 22 toes in total. Usually cats have 18 fingers – five on the front paws and four on the back. ”

After a difficult childhood, six kittens are thriving in foster homes and will be placed in good hands by IndyHumane animal rights activists when they are old enough.

In the meantime, Mishka is up to his ears in worries and enjoys every second spent with his little wards.

Source: bezkota.ru

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