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The kitten followed the house cat so that he would no longer be homeless


The kitten, tired of the wandering life, followed the domestic cat to his house and decided not to leave again.

Alice McCall and her family once noticed a restless stray cat in their area, and began leave food with water outside in case she returns.

And so it happened – the cat visited again some time later, and not alone, but with two kittens. Seeing this, the McCalls turned to animal rights activists, but the fluffy tramps did not wait for help and disappeared. There was only one kitten left, a girl – one day she came to the house alone, and her mother never returned for her.

While Alice was busy with the kitten, her cat Otley watched from the porch. He looked intrigued and didn't seem to mind the presence of the new girl.

One day Otley went out on the veranda to sunbathe and breathe fresh air. As it turned out, the stray kitten had already made the backyard her home by this time, and the cat decided to make friends with her.

The girl gathered enough courage to approach. Then she sniffed at Otley and for some reason decided to cling to him and follow on his heels wherever he is, there she goes.

Otli was not at all embarrassed by such obtrusiveness, and he went into the house with his little white shadow. Seeing that the kitten was completely fascinated by the cat, Alice realized that her family was chosen.

The household washed the fluffy baby, hugged and stroked it well, which she really liked. She was named Bird.

From the moment The bird stepped on the threshold of a new home, she became the permanent shadow of Otley and his most devoted protégé.

“She adores him, follows him around. He looks happy about it – now he has someone to spend his days with, ”says Alice.

The baby is happy to be inside a comfortable home, among treats, soft beds and heaps of toys at her disposal. The bird and Otley stare out the window together and climb into the master's bed together.

Otley plays the role of an older brother and showers the kitten with signs of love.

Every day he washes and combs her. If she wants to hug, he immediately comes running at the first signal.

“At the moment, they practically do not separate: they eat, sleep, play together. Their friendship is unbreakable and it's so cute,” says Alice.

After the examination by the veterinarian, Bird immediately reached out to Otley for moral support. The two fell asleep together holding their paws. The girl was checked, sterilized, and issued a health certificate.

Fuzzies bring a lot of smiles to their owners with their cute hugs.

Otli often wraps her paws around the kitten, as if assuring her that she is at home.

Bird has grown noticeably since the day she first appeared, and her bond with her cat friend has only gotten stronger.

The McCalls didn't plan to have a second pet, but the young kitty got it herself, so it was destined happen.

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