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The kidnappers intended to steal the sniffer dog, but then they regretted it


At the end of January, a young man from the UK, whose name is Toby Carrier, was attacked.

But, probably, the criminals would have chosen another victim if they knew more about the Belgian Shepherd Nelly, who is already lives with Carrier for several years.

The criminals had their faces hidden. They began to behave aggressively towards Toby, and then completely snatched the leash from the hands of the young man. It is worth noting here that Nelly is an experienced bloodhound dog. As soon as the commotion began, she began to bark loudly and even attacked the attackers.

As soon as the criminals realized that the dog was serious, they retreated. According to Toby, he was surprised by this behavior of his pet. Nellie has never served in the armed forces. But she was taking a training course from Denmead Drone Search and Rescue.

In everyday life, the Belgian Shepherd is quite calm and even affectionate, she has never tried to attack a person. But he is grateful to his dog, because it was precisely because of her courage that the man remained intact.

Toby thought for a long time about what to do, but in the end he decided to report the incident to the police station. A criminal case was initiated on the occasion of the attack on a person, but so far there are no results of the investigation in the public domain.

Source: lemurov.net

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