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The icy kittens were found just in time, because they were destined to become the most tame babies in the world

A brood of ice-covered kittens was found in the cold. Now they all turn into the cutest house cats, thanks to kind people.

A farm worker in Virginia discovered a litter of kittens abandoned in a small nest with no sign of their mother. They were covered in ice and cold to the touch. The kind lady immediately brought them into the room and turned to local animal rights activists for help.

“I was contacted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. The mother cat was nowhere to be found – she may have abandoned her children shortly after birth, seeing that they were iced over, ”says Penny Richards, foster care volunteer.

The woman who found the kittens gently warmed them while help arrived. “How strong was the will to live in them! They iced over, but at the same time remained resistant.

Five newborns survived in critical conditions on the street. What is this if not a miracle?

The kittens (Jameson, Jaeger, Kalua, Hennessy and Morgan) were placed in an incubator to keep their bodies warm and adequately hydrated. They put a gift in a comfortable nest – a convenient toy for hugging.

“They were at the ready and grabbed the formula bottle, which was a great relief. Two of the kittens were found to have severe intestinal infections but were otherwise doing well. By one week, I knew they were going to be okay,” says Penny.

After each feeding, the kittens wanted to bask for a long time on the warm knees of a person before returning to the incubator. They have learned to roll onto their backs, showing off their newly acquired plump bellies.

Their eyes opened and their ears began to become sticky. The kittens became aware of their surroundings, and became more and more interested in moving objects.

When the small paws were strong enough to support the weight of the bodies, the kittens began to move, hobbling. “They all became more active: they walked, rolled around and even started playing with each other.”

“It's always amazing to watch how children grow, how they are formed hearing and sight, ”writes Penny.

with their people. By the time their eyesight was fully formed, the kittens no longer missed a single free knee within sight.

“Becoming taller and stronger, they walked around the room longer and longer before feeding, and every day their clumsiness melted.”

Penny's household took an active part in the socialization of kittens. All five of the Fluffies got along well with Aaron, the youngest member of the family, and loved to snuggle up to him.

It is worth one kitten to get on a person’s knees, the rest follow his example – and now, there is not one kitten, but a purring bunch .

Overcoming the milestones of growing up one by one, the kittens have matured to the renovation of the apartment.

Penny got a shoulder helper for feedings.

Morgan, the bravest of them all, took on the role of overseeing the process while his siblings ate formula.

Getting older, the kittens showed their characters more and more brightly, and their desire for tenderness increased .

“They love to cuddle and purr all the time. Cute as hell,” says Penny.

Weeks of proper care did the trick: two kittens suffering from bacterial diseases, completely cured. Standing firmly on their paws, they jumped everywhere with unbridled energy and began to hooligan with terrible force.

Hearing the voice of the foster mother, they come running, demand attention and crawl on her knees.

Sometimes they like to sit on the knees of a person astride, and sometimes they crawl into the space between the legs to feel comfort from all sides.

Jumping from one warm knees to others, kittens are living the best life they deserve.

This Friday the five turns six weeks old. Hennessy is still the smallest in the litter, but has already exceeded 450 g.

The rest of the kittens also grow by leaps and bounds, and even learn to eat on their own.

The five Fluffies have come a long way since the day they were found frozen in ice. They thrive on overexposure and are confidently moving towards their bright future.

Source: bezkota.ru

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