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The deceptive appearance of the “sadest cat”

His name is Toby. And his photo has become one of the most popular on the Web, and no wonder: he looks like the saddest cat in the universe … although this is not at all.

Toby just has features that distinguish him from other brothers in appearance.

Namely, a rare disease called “Ehlers-Danlos syndrome”. With it, collagen synthesis is disrupted, and the skin becomes flabby, “senile”, which causes its hyperelasticity.

Six-year-old Toby lives in Stounde, a city located in the English county of Gloucestershire. He was adopted in 2018 from a shelter by a married couple as a companion to another pet, a seven-year-old cat, Quinton.

Cats do not quarrel and are always inseparable.

Both have features: Quinton lost one tooth, and Toby's skin on his stomach hangs almost to the floor.

She is very vulnerable, and people have to be very careful with the cat.

However, even Quinton, playing, never releases his claws, so as not to hurt your partner. He even helps his unusual unfortunate “brother” wash his face.

Source: duck.show

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