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The cat really did not want to lose the last kitten, and people helped her – they had time!

The kitten and mother waited for rescue in the open air, and waited – their life changed.

A stray cat with kittens was found in a street cat shelter in the Bronx, New York. The mother cat tried her best to feed the children, but she herself had nothing to eat …

Two kittens, alas, left this world by the time Little Wanderers NYC animal rights activists arrived, and one more – on the way to the vet.

Only gray-white Kenzo survived. He barely had the strength to keep his eyes open, but he clung to his mother with all his might.

Animal rights activists wanted to help these two at all costs. Mom and son were warmly received by a foster family, in whose house they were to restore their health and rest.

Kenzo and his mother quickly settled in a new place, fell in love with their cozy beds, blankets and toys. Lexi was happy that she had so much food at her disposal, and that her only son was in a clean nest.

From- because of her thinness, she did not have enough milk for a kitten. “We support Kenzo with regular feeding and give Lexi nutritious food,” volunteers say.

In just a day, Kenzo gained 19 g. His appetite increased, and he moved around the nest with tripled energy.

The boy is tiny, but lively. Becoming larger and stronger, he begins to study the world around him. Sweet mommy Lexi looks after him, protecting him from problems.

At any moment she can calm him down and start caring for him with maternal zeal. She never stops licking and hugging her precious son.

Thanks to the rescuers and volunteers of Little Wanderers NYC, Lexi and her only kitten Kenzo have a real chance to find a permanent home.

Kenzo will never know the hardships of the street, he enjoys life to the fullest spoiled pet. Lexi is taking great care of him with loving caregivers.

In just a week, baby Kenzo noticeably waved. He works hard with his small paws (in white “mittens”), trying to get out of the nest in search of adventure. In a short time, he has overcome several milestones and continues to make progress every day.

This fearless guy is learning to walk and showing his character.

After a tough start, mom and son are thriving on overexposure. In a few weeks they will be ready for adoption, but for now Kenzo still has a lot to grow and develop. .

Source: bezkota.ru

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