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The amazing story of a homeless dog who became a happy handsome man in a month


A large number of stray dogs live in Bali, one of which happened to meet Aaron. A caring man decided to help the poor fellow.

One day, Aaron met a stray dog on the side of the road near a tire sales center that looked sick and dehydrated. The poor man was weak, hungry and very scared. In addition, he was in danger, since the dog could be knocked down at any moment by one of the cars passing by at high speed.

Aaron noticed that the dog was injured, he had problems with his skin, since the animal was practically hairless. Upon closer examination of the appearance of the dog, Aaron noticed that his skin was strewn with many ulcers.

The homeless dog was afraid of people, so he let no one near him. Aaron decided not to leave the animal in trouble and turned to the employees of the tire sales center for help.

Together they managed to drive the poor fellow away from the roadway. The indifferent man persistently tried to lure the dog with food, and he was so hungry that after some time he gave up and approached the offered food.

At that moment, Aaron realized that he definitely could not leave this poor fellow in such a situation. He asked for help at a local shelter, whose staff managed to deliver the exhausted dog to the clinic.

Veterinarians provided the dog with the necessary medical care and found out that the animal had cancer. The dog was prescribed a course of chemotherapy.

Homer – such a name was given to the dog – for a long time he did not let anyone near him. Aaron did not insist and just sometimes came and sat next to the cage, so that the animal understood: he would not be harmed.

A month later, Homer has changed a lot. Not only did he grow hair and get better, but he was able to defeat cancer. The dog began to look happy and joyful and was finally able to trust people.

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