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Suddenly the crumpled blanket yawned and opened its eyes

The regulars of social networks have a new favorite of the week – dog Harvey, who was lucky to be born a Shar Pei. Or bad luck, because Harvey has become the quintessence of all breeding efforts and the focus of fashion trends associated with this breed.

The owner, Teresa Arguimbau, is crazy about his folds!

Quest : find the dog in the photo

An interesting fact is that the ancestors of the Shar-Pei were hunting and fighting dogs. Harvey is completely different, soft, goofy and clumsy. And he is also very soft and warm to the touch, because he has a skin that is unique even for Shar-Peis with practically no wool.

He is still small, only six months

Creases are the main value, but at the same time also Harvey's problem. It turns out that in modern breeding sharpei they are very vulnerable! For example, when a puppy drinks water, he dives into the bowl with his whole head, the water penetrates into the folds and does not flow out from there if the mother dog does not lick or wipe the hostess. At the same time, the skin in the folds needs to be moisturized, with water or creams, at least every two days. Sanitary procedures with Harvey is the most troublesome part, but Teresa likes to look after him.

how many pleats?

Another misfortune is vision. Again, due to selection errors, the skin around the eyes hangs in excess at birth, the puppies do not see anything and this will not go away on its own. You need to put in staples to tighten the skin, but in Harvey's case, you had to put on extra stitches and pull them up every few days, there was so much excess skin. The kid got his sight, but the quality of it leaves much to be desired.

Harvey with his brothers, Don and Louie

Today Shar Pei Harvey is widely known on the island of Menorca, where he lives with his mistress, and in social networks he has more and more fans. The dog loves walking on the beach and playing in the sand, which makes washing him more difficult, but what can't you do for a pet?

Teresa hopes to teach Harvey how to swim this summer

I wish I could squeeze him for all creases!

Source: lemurov.net

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