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Saddest-Eyes kitten crosses continents to be with his dream family

A kitten-girl with the eyes of a deer, Bambi, flew over more than one continent to get to her dream family.

Last autumn Leila D 'Suza, founder of the Winston Memorial Foundation in Kuwait, helped a tiny kitten through a difficult situation. “She was taken from her mother and sold to her family at the age of one week. She got sick, got worms and intestinal problems,” says Leila.

The kitten was handed over to the rescuers for intensive care at the age of four weeks. Leila, without hesitation, accepted it and immediately began treatment. The fluffy baby was grateful for the help.

Competent care and love did their job – Mia perked up and began to recover. “I knew she was going to be okay once she was in my arms, safe from abuse and neglect.”

When Mia was already completely recovering, she became a mega energetic baby and a little naughty. The cute girl liked Leila's dog, Leya, with her she practiced her attacking and even wrestling skills.

Her own small stature did not bother her at all. The fearless kitty was able to stand up for herself in games with Leah, who is several times larger. Leia motivated Mia to explore the house and try new things, not forgetting to look after the baby at her every step.

For the first time in her life, Mia was happy and healthy. Her appetite increased dramatically and her energy level increased. During lunch, Miya preferred to dive into the bowl with her head to swim in the food while eating it.

The restless girl constantly tripled some kind of show.

Focusing her eyes on a moving object, she characteristically moved her butt back and forth before making a powerful jerk.

Before each attack, Mia's deep eyes became mega serious and focused.

“She is very playful, gentle, curious. She always looks so worried when she's hunting something, and it's so sweet,” says Layla.

A nice girl quickly learned to skillfully jump. She is absolutely irresistible when she calculates the distance before jumping – all because of her eyes.

Overexposure transformed Mia. She is now a healthy, spoiled domestic kitty.

Watch the cute kitten in the video:

She made friends with another local pupil, a kitten named Leo. The two hit it off quickly. By doing everything together, they mutually socialize each other.

A few days before Christmas, Mia, her friend Leo and five other rescued cats from Kuwait went to America, to their future families.

Petey and Animal Defenders Furends and 4Paws Rescue Team from Washington (DC) took care of the newcomers and gave these deserving furries a chance at a better life.

When Mia landed safely in the capital after a long journey across continents, she was greeted by local lifeguards and volunteers.

She enjoyed her first vacation in the States and soon met her dream family.

In the new year of the kitten adopted, and it was long-awaited.

Mia loves her new home, and is already loved and caressed by every household member. Here she has a new cat friend who brings her up to date and hugs every day.

Mia appreciated the softest bed and plays a lot with the owner's daughter, her human sister.

“How far she's come! I’m happy for her,” says Leila.

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