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Rescued little cougar becomes a cute house cat

One of the three puma cubs from the Saransk City Zoo was sold to the Saransk Zoo, but a petting zoo.

And they almost killed him: the baby, deprived of proper care, looked three at 8 months old, was weak and sickly.

Young husband and wife Alexander decided to take the baby.

The administration seemed to sigh relieved, as I was sure that the cougar kitten would not survive.

Meanwhile, the young couple found out everything about Messi's diagnoses (that was the name of the cougar) and remade part of their apartment for her needs: the doorposts were turned into scratching posts, a place was arranged for games, food and drink.

she had to buy a lot of dietary supplements, vitamins and medicines.

But besides treatment, the cat also needed walks in the fresh air.

The load of the wife was increased gradually to give the cat's joints and muscles a chance to get stronger.

But when they overcame the line of three kilometers, an old injury made itself felt, a broken paw.

And the loads had to be reduced, and their types changed.

Contacted all trainers and cynologists , found a place for classes and a trainer, with whom the cat, by the way, quickly found a common language.

First, the lessons were individual, and then group. Do you know with whom? With dogs.

And everyone got along great with each other!

Now Messi is 10 times larger than any cat and weighs 41 kilograms.

But at the same time, due to illness and developmental delay, he grew only 2/3 the size of a normal adult cougar .

Source: duck.show

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