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Puppy with a “whisker” conquers social networks

Meet a new influencer named Frida. She is a six-month-old bull terrier puppy and a rising social media star.

And all because nature has awarded the puppy with an unusual appearance – he has a “mustache”, which many will envy.

Frida's owner, Helena Olef Snorradottir from Reykjavik, has long dreamed of such a pet. Luck smiled at her – as soon as she found out that there was a breeder of bull terriers in Iceland, she was immediately offered a puppy. And not anyhow, but the beautiful Frida!

Helena believes that this is a sign of fate. Frida agrees with her – she is still small, growing up, but she already understands how unusual she is and how much attention she attracts. The puppy loves to smile – so her “whiskers” are best seen, which invariably causes a lot of fun and positive emotions in others.

Frida appeared in Helena's life in difficult times and became for her a symbol of hope for the best. A mustachioed and funny character.

Source: lemurov.net

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