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Photos taken by veterinarians

Animals in a stressful, shock state often get to the clinic. They may show aggression or become hysterical. And this is always a great responsibility for the life of an animal, whether it is domestic or from the street.

Here are 10 wonderful shots.

one. Hugging Therapy.

2. Are we together forever now?

3. And let's not joke like that anymore!

four. What does “get out” mean? You have no rights!

5. Little brave dog.

6. This is what I understand, if it’s a rabbit, then it’s a rabbit.

7. So, run around in your pockets!

eight. With them, the heart is warmer.

9. A kitten, a puppy, and even a hamster are happy with a large pocket.

ten. Wherever you look, they are everywhere.

Source: duck.show

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