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People who have more than 3 pets at home share photos and impressions


More fun together! This principle guides people, having a third, fourth and twentieth pet.

We have collected 15 beautiful photos on the topic.

The presence of a pet brings a lot of joy to our lives. And not only for the owner, but also for the furry friend. But if you get a large number of animals, then this happiness will increase several times. And there will also be some troubles…

#1 A silent cry for help.

#2 Meet Bob. This friendly golden retriever lives with 8 birds and a hamster.

#3 I was worried that the dogs wouldn't like my new cat. I worried in vain.

#4 My wife just wanted to be alone for 5 minutes. This is what happened in the meantime behind her door.

№5 The world through the eyes of a happy owner of 12 cats.

#7 My girlfriend and I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and they all love to sleep with us at night. Solution? We made a 3.5m King Mega Bed!!

№8 My parents have 3 dogs… Psst, but have you forgotten about the cat?

№9 These were their faces after I went into the room and exclaimed: “So, who did this?”

#10 My dog looks like his first rap album is coming out soon.

№11 Brutal Trinity

№12 My husband managed to film this sweetest and rarest scene. In the photo, I and all three of our pets. I fell asleep alone, but, apparently, I inspired them with my example!

#13 The cats spotted the Halloween decoration. The show starts.

#14 My 5 dogs are very different, but they are a real pack.

#15 Fun company, isn't it?

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