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People fattened the seals from the heart, and now they don’t know how to cope with these carcasses

As one friend told, her husband from a slender young man has long turned into a 140-kg fat man. It seems annoying, and then, as pride swells up – this is my work, my efforts!

I, myself , fed with love, tried! My boar!

The same is true for cats – the owners are happy to provide them with enhanced nutrition, and then the well-fed cattle begins to act up.

It all starts with a kitten with a very good appetite

And then suddenly once – and already more than the hostess herself!

The cat grows faster than the child

Mom, maybe you don’t need supplements for the third afternoon, huh?

Do you see the pride in her eyes? That's the same!

Good cat — big cat

Oh. It's hard. There is no point in leaving the toilet. Bring food here!

Kitty is so big, that the owner is lost against her background

You can't live with your grandmother and not gain an extra kilo. In Week.

Of course , the terrible word “diet” periodically sounds

But then people again begin to rejoice at their “boars”

As they say, there should be many good cats!

And these are the most beautiful of the well-fed, but there are generally zhirobasiki, which you can’t pick up in your arms, and you can’t move them off the couch!

Source: lemurov.net

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