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Orphaned kittens, found separately, found each other and became close friends

Two orphaned kittens, found separately, met one day and became friends.

Brown striped kitten found with paw stuck in mouse trap and brought to Saving Grace Rescue (San Francisco, California). The kitten (girl) stood up and was named Luchik for her kind, sweet disposition.

Soon after Luchik arrived for overexposure, it became clear that she did not want to be alone anymore. She clung to a soft toy of her own size or crawled into her foster parents' laps whenever she could reach them. And a few days later, Saving Grace Rescue workers were informed of a 3-week-old orphan kitten with a damaged tail.

A baby named Cheddar had a pair of sad eyes and a powerful voice. Joyce, Ray's adoptive mother, took him to her place in order to treat him in a comfortable home environment.

While Cheddar was being examined, Ray heard him meow and began to look forward to seeing him soon.

And now, the time has finally come – the striped girl crept up to the new one and slapped friendly his paw on the pope. She seemed to approve of him and invited him to the game.

Cheddar, more miniature, was happy to find himself next to someone who could be hugged. He purred and began to paw over Luchik's back when they were basking together.

Two kittens became friends as if they were friends from birth.

“They are both loners, so I think they really appreciate each other. They play, sleep together and eat from the same saucer,” says Joyce.

While Cheddar perfected his walk, Ray was always there, walking around and supporting him. Having grown stronger, the red-haired boy fell in love with playing wrestling with his older sister.

Being a little younger, Cheddar still knows how to fight back, and his unbridled energy does not allow his sister to relax.

Ray looks after his every step, and the first one tries the unknown. It was she who incited Cheddar to step on the stairs for the first time.

Watch Ray and Cheddar in the video:

Over the following weeks, they grew into happy, healthy, and inquisitive teenagers, and their bond became even stronger.

It was clear from the beginning that these two need each other and cannot be separated. Ray took the role of the older sister, and Cheddar imitated her in everything.

In the morning they demand breakfast in unison. They spend time together with local cats and also explore and explore the house as a couple.

When the time came for the kittens to spread their wings and fly away from their guardians, the latter really hoped that this couple would stay together forever.

The cheddar is noticeably waving, but he still has the same sad face.

And so, the kittens' dream came true after several weeks of overexposure: a wonderful family was found ready to take both of them.

In the new The brother and sister quickly settled in the monastery and got to know their owners' dog, Panko. All three found a common language and even took a nap together.

The duo became a trio when the kittens (now renamed Mikan and Jima) recognized the dog as their own.

The cats share with each other each other all the best moments and put on endless shows, entertaining the hosts.

Now they are already adults, but in some ways they have not changed at all.

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